Playing Catch-Up

I was going to give up this project but I’ve decided to play catch-up and search the internet to keep find new ideas and finish out 2020 with 52 photos for my 52 project! I ultimately fell behind when the Facebook group I was following for ideas essentially disbanded thus leaving me scrambling for ideas.

There are a few changes though to finish out my 2020 52 Project and that is:

  • Cell phone photos are allowed.
    • I have a Samsung S20 Ultra that shoots in RAW & photo quality is really nice.
  • Some photos will contain full frontal nudity.
  • My 52 Project feed likely won’t continue being posted on my Facebook page or my company twitter account as I don’t want the content here to cause me to lose clients. 2020 already did a great job of that with covid.

If you want to follow along on my project it’s best to subscribe to this page!