This is the official page for my 52 week photo project where I choose a new subject each week and then photograph, edit and post it here within a week.

At the end of the year (52 weeks) I will have 52 photos posted in this space.

I decided to make this new space for the 52 project because I didn’t feel it was right to clutter my company page with it, besides I can display this easier at the end of the year.

Ground Rules

  1. All photos will be shot in the week prior. No raiding my archives.
  2. I will shoot, edit and post the photos by Sunday evening each week.
  3. Post subjects will contain the title “Week” followed by the week number.
  4. No limit on the types of photos I may include in my project.
  5. First week will start on Jan 6, 2020


Why not do a 365 project?

I have tried doing a 365 project where I share 1 photo a day for a year gave up after roughly 178 days due to lack of time and other commitments I had going on. Posting 1 photo a week will allow me to put more thought into the photograph.

What Types of photos will exist here?

Pretty much anything I feel like photographing that week. For example it may be a landscape, portrait, self portrait, pretty much just about anything else I decide to photograph.

Can I subscribe to this page?

Most certainly.. Use the form on the right side of the page to subscribe.

How can I contact you?

Go to my company website and click the Contact form.